The Most Convenient Thing

A few weeks ago I broke down and ordered some Polaroid film, just to see if my Spectra would even work. I got it a little over a year ago, new in box, with the original price tag from Wal Mart. Back then it was $127.64. I got it for $8 from a local antique store that has Facebook auctions on items that the owner gets from estates and storage buildings. I’ve actually gotten a lot of good stuff from them. I’ve had the film for a while, but I really needed someone in front of it to get used to the focusing distance and how I could get the camera to do what I actually wanted. That didn’t pan out today, but will in the future.


I did however, decide to try it out. I was scouting spots in in my old hometown of Gadsden and happened upon one that I had remembered. I’ve had the the imagine in my head every time I’ve passed by. I at least wanted to get the mood right with the backdrop. A dark, stripped away, forest that could be from another era. Luckily, every store on the entire internet was out of color film for the Spectra system. Because of that, I had no other option but to get B&W. I’m kinda thankful for that. If that did not happen the way it did, I wouldn’t have gotten this…


the exact same feeling i wanted to try and replicate in my mind.